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Why does labeling images matter to accessibility?

If images are not labeled with alternative text, individuals without access to the images will not be able to use the site (for example, individuals without sight).

How should images be labled?

Every image should have an alt tag. Significant images (images with content and/or navigational value) should have alt tags that reflect their content or usage. Insignificant images (eg. spacer images, small decorative & repetitive pictures) should have an alt tag of "".

For more accessibility guidlines, visit the W3C guidelines.

Books on how to create accessible sites:

  • J. Thatcher, P. Bohman, M. Burks, S. L. Henry, B. Regan, S. Swierenga, M. D. Urban, and C. D. Waddell. Constructing Accessible Web Sites. Glasshaus Ltd., Birmingham, UK, 2002.
  • J.M. Slatin and S. Rush. Maximum Accessibility: Making Your Web Site More Usable for Everyone. Addison-Wesley Professional. Boston, MA, 2003.
  • J. Clark. Building Accessible Websites. New Riders, Peachpit Press. Berkeley, CA, 2002.

How does this WebEval determine significance?

An image is considered significant by WebEval if the image is bigger than 10x10 pixels or contains a link.

Where can I go for a more comprehensive evalution?

Other more comprehensive evaluations are also available online inculding Cynthia Says , Wave and FAE.

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