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Current Projects

The WebInSight group is actively pursuing the following projects:

Research Projects

  • Audio CAPTCHAs

    Designing interfaces that make solving audio CAPTCHAs easier.
  • Accessmonkey

    This project seeks to enable web users to improve the accessibility of the web pages that they encounter and share those changes with other web developers and users.
  • WebAnywhere

    Blind web users currently need to have a screen reader installed on the computers that they use. This prevents them from accessing the web from places where sighted people dolike public terminals in libraries, gyms, airports and from their sighted friends' computers. WebAnywhere is a web-based screen reader that can be used on almost any computer.
  • WebinSitu

    Understanding how blind people browse the web is incredibly important for learning to address the problems they face. As part of the WebinSitu project we observe both sighted and blind web users browsing the web.
  • WebInSight

    The original WebInSight system improves the accessibility of web images by automatically formulating alternative text for web images and inserting it into the pages that users view.

Educational Projects

  • Instant Messenging Chatbots

    Learn the basics of programming while making a fun, seemingly-intelligent instant messenging chatbot. The curriculum for this program is designed to cover only what is needed to program a chatbot effectively. The software used is all free and has been checked to ensure accessibility.
This work is supported by National Science Foundation Grant (IIS-0415273)
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