WebAnywhere has been initialized and is now ready to use.

WebAnywhere is a non-visual interface to the web that requires no new software to be downloaded or installed.It works right in the browser, which means you can access it from any computer, even locked-down public computer terminals.WebAnywhere enables you to interact with the web in a similar way to how you may have used other screen readers, such as JAWS or Window-Eyes, before.

For quick access to WebAnywhere type wa.cs.washington.edu into your browser.

The system works best when a recent version of Adobe Flash is installed but will also work with embedded sound players, like Windows Media Player and Quicktime.The current release is an early release, and may not always work as expected.We're working quickly to fix bugs and add features, so you should expect rapid development in the coming weeks and months.Because WebAnywhere is released right on the web, you'll always have the latest version when you visit this site.

Using WebAnywhere

You interact with WebAnywhere using the keyboard. A selection of keyboard commands that are currently supported is listed below. Pressing SHIFT in combination with them reverses the direction of the search, searching backward from the current cursor position instead of forward from it.

WebAnywhere in Action

We've recorded a short video with audio narration to introduce you to the system.
Click to Listen to an Audio Description of WebAnywhere


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