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Extra Bots

  • MockerBot: Repeats what you said and gives you an attitude what you tell it to stop it. Uses regular expressions.
  • WordDayBot: Returns the word of the day. Uses an RSS feed.
  • ForLoopBot: Tells how many heads and tails you got from randomly flipping 10 coins. Uses a for loop construct and calls a method.
  • GuessGameBot: Pick a number and see if your number was the same one the computer picked. Uses state and a string to int conversion.
  • ConcertBot: Type in a music artist and find out when their next concert is. Uses RSS feeds and state.
  • TranslatorBot: Translates a word for you in French, Spanish, or German. Uses a switch construct, state, and webpage parsing
  • CNNBot: A news bot that tells you the latest 10 headlines. You can request more information about each article. Uses RSS feeds, regular expressions, and state

Advanced Extra Bots

These are bots for students that want to see more complex bot ideas.

  • WeatherBot: Returns the weather in the city you want. Uses state, regular expressions, and RSS feeds.
  • RadioBot: Returns radio stations of your favorite type of music. Uses table parsing, calling methods, and regular expressions.
  • CalculatorBot: Acts like a simple calculator. Uses state, string comparisons, regular expressions, and string to int conversions.
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