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Frequently Asked Questions

I can't login to my chatbot accounts or I forgot my password!

You may need to make a new account. Use this page for creating accounts: Windows Live Messenger (limited) account signup.

When I run my chatbot, nothing happens.

This problem may because of one of the following two issues:

  1. The name of the chatbot file and the name of the chatbot within the code are not the same. Change either one to make the two names match.
  2. Another chatbot is already running. To end a running chatbot, hit CTRL + BREAK. The break key should be the third key to the left starting from the top right corner of the keyboard.

Can I use other instant messaging programs besides Windows Live Messenger?

For the tutorial, please use Windows Live Messenger. When you are finished, you are welcome to try other untested messenger programs like:

  • AIM
  • Miranda
  • Pidgin
  • Or any other chat client, as long as it can handle Jabber, AIM, or MSN protocols

How do I save C# source files from the website links?

Your web browser may display the C# source files as plain text when clicking on the links instead of saving them to your computer. If so, you can right-click these links and select "Save Link As..." in Firefox or "Save target as..." in Internet Explorer. If you've already opened the link, you can save the source code by pushing CTRL + S.

This work is supported by the following National Science Foundation Grants: CNS-087508, CNS-0549481, IIS-0811884, IIS-0415273
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